We are open to new things

Support diversity and inclusion in a respectful manner across our business


Uphold our integrity and promote accountability

Result Oriented

We are highly result driven and oriented as well as mindful of our risk profile.

Why Choose Us?

Sentrix Financial Services, Inc is a financial company that specializes in loans of all types.Sentrix Financial Services, Inc is a company in Michigan and it's company number is 60232D. It was registered on 7-27-2009.

Sentrix Financial Services, Inc provides more affordable loans at competitive interest rate than banks, payday, or title loan companies, to thousands of customers. Since our inception, Sentrix Financial Services, Inc has earned a reputation as well as a friendly, honest, and convenient relationship with clients, as a top/major lender.

The mission of Sentrix Financial Services, Inc is to advance housing opportunity and local community development by supporting clients in serving their markets. The Sentrix Financial Services, Inc meets our mission by providing our members with access to economical wholesale credit and assistance through our credit products, mortgage finance program, housing and community lending programs, and correspondent services to increase the availability of home finance to families of all incomes.

As a leading commercial lender, we can help! You can rely on us as your private bridge finance and hard money lenders, for providing the most active and effective real estate financing solutions in the country.


Our Team Members

Nicholas Jeffrey Myron

CEO/Founder at Sentrix Financial Services, Inc

Joseph Hodgson Rhodes

Loan Officer at Sentrix Financial Services, Inc

Diana Luther

Loan Underwriter at Sentrix Financial Services, Inc