Business Express Loans

We offer Business Express Loan services which makes it easy to get the capital you need today to benefit your business tomorrow

Startup Funding

We help startups and small businesses raise capital online. Once you apply we will discuss what option may be right for you.

Revenue Loans

With this credit facility, you can withdraw, within a specified tenor, agreed amounts, exceeding the credit balance in your current account.

Equipment Finance

Our Equipment Loan provides you with financing options so you can get the assets you need for your business. We offer flexible repayment options and affordable insurance to go with your purchase.

SBA Loans

We offer SBA loans to any small business, but yours will need to meet certain criteria in order to qualify.

Business Credit

Leverage the power of business credit and obtain the funding your company needs once and for all.


About Our Company

Sentrix Financial Services, Inc is a financial company that specializes in loans of all types.Sentrix Financial Services, Inc is a company in Michigan and it's company number is 60232D. It was registered on 7-27-2009.

Sentrix Financial Services, Inc provides more affordable loans at competitive interest rate than banks, payday, or title loan companies, to thousands of customers. Since our inception, Sentrix Financial Services, Inc has earned a reputation as well as a friendly, honest, and convenient relationship with clients, as a top/major lender.

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Best consultants

With our team highly talented consultants, we make sure our clients are always satisfied.


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Our customer friendly nature over the years have earned us a good reputation. At Premier Edge customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.


12 years of Experience

Having been in this business for 12 years and counting, we believe we can bring the change needed in your business.